Xemacs with XFT WHAW!!

February 16, 2005

Finally I got my favorite XEmacs working with XFT support in Linux. Actually, it is quite simple to do.

1. Download xemacs-21.5.18.tar.gz from your nearest XEmacs mirror.
2. Get the XEmacs xft patch from Eric Knauel’s site xft-xemacs-11172004.patch
3. Apply the patch on the code of xemacs-21.5.18.tar.gz
4. Compile the patched code
#./configure –prefix=/usr/local/xemacs –with-gtk –with-x11 –with-toolbars=no –with-sound=no –with-xim=xlib –with-png –with-xft –error-checking=none
#make install
It should get compiled cleanly. [ In my Fedora Core Rawhide based Linux system, it got compiled without any problem.
5. Run your XEmacs and enjoy XFT based smooth fonts 🙂

Following is the screenshot of XEmacs+XFT running in my Linux Laptop ..

Oh! Don’t forget to say Thanks to the XEmacs Developers, Matthias and Eric.


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