After a lot of restraint, I could not resist myself from buying a 80gb hard disk for my HP laptop. Week back, I went to Akihabara for my regular window shopping. While checking out the price of 2.5″ hard disk, I decided, it is the time for me to upgrade my slow 40gb disk to something new. Moreover the Windows Vista need a lot of disk space, hence it was the time to take decision. After a close lookup, I decided to buy 5400rpm 80gb Hitachi’s Travelstar. It was a nice burgain as I increased my hdd space by double by spending 11980Yen only.

I was quite happy till today. Today morning, I was having some free time, and decided to install fresh Windows Visa. I did fdisk from linux and made NTFS partition. When I booted from Vista’s install DVD, Visa said, I am having some kind of Legacy FT partiton type which is not supported, it expects some kind of dynamic partition. (Ah!! M$ is not so flexible though we are paying enough money to them). So I cleaned up the partition and rebooted to Windows Vista. When I started to partition the disk from Vista, I found my disk is 74.5gb and I started to google for the reason and got lost in technology and marketing.

Actually though the disks are termed as 80gb, those are marketing terms. Actually it’s 74.5gb is usable. When 74.5gb is converted to bytes, it comes to 79993765888.0bytes (74.5 * 1024^3) and hence the marketing terms the disks as 80gb. (correct me if I am wrong)

Is not it the time to sue the marketing guys of manufacturers?