Interesting comment on DirectX

March 10, 2006

Today morning I was reading a DirectX related article. The author of the document has made some interesting comments about DirectX.

So Microsoft’s answer to this problem was a Software Development Kit (SDK) called DirectX. DirectX is a horrible, clunky, poorly-designed, poorly-documented, bloated, ugly, confusing beast of an API (Application Programming Interface) that has driven many a programmer to drink. It was originally purchased from a London company called RenderMorphics, and quietly released more or less as is as DirectX 2. DirectX 3 was probably the first “serious” release by Microsoft, who had now begun to actively push it as the games programming API of the future. Being the biggest software company on the planet, and being the developers of the Operating System that some 90% of desktop users were using, they succeeded. Hardware vendors quickly realised that following the Microsoft lead was the prudent thing to do, and everyone began to produce DirectX drivers for their hardware. In many ways this was a good thing for game developers.


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