Applying Thought

July 25, 2006

What are the minimum requirements for working for a TOP TIER Indian IT company ?

1. A place for parking of visitor’s vehicle in company’s parking lot

2. A reception lounge with visitor’s waiting area

I recently visited a company’s Gachibowli Campus at Hyderabad and I found that, they ask visitors to park the vehicle in the public road, outside of the campus fence and they do not have any lounge where the visitor can wait. They expect the visitor (even with official appointment) to park the vehicle at the public road ( with moderate traffic of medium and heavy vehicles ) and also they expect the visitor to wait outside of the main gate to get roasted in sun till the person whom the visitor intend to meet shows up !! Is n’t it surprising ?

Whew!! I am wondering, when a customer visits the company, whether he/she will have enough patience to wait ? At least I would not have such patience as customer/visitor. So, next time onwards, if I am working for a company, I will look for the above 2 points before I decide 😉

G U E S S …. T H E C O M P A N Y N A M E ( for clue, check the subject of the post )