I have been experimenting with Eclipse and Gcj. Here is a procedure to compile Eclipse as native binary using Gcj tools.

1. Download Eclipse and necessary plugins.
2. Go to eclipse installation directory and run the following script.

if ! test -e eclipse.db; then
    gcj-dbtool -n eclipse.db
for JAR_FILE in `find -iname "*.jar"`; do
    thislib_destdir=${libdir}/$(dirname ${JAR_FILE}.so)
    if ! test -e ${thislib_destfile}; then
        test -e ${thislib_destdir} || mkdir -p ${thislib_destdir}
        echo -n "Compiling ${JAR_FILE} to native ... "
        gcj -shared -findirect-dispatch -Wl,-Bsymbolic -fjni -fPIC
            -o ${thislib_destfile} ${JAR_FILE}
        echo -n "adding to eclipse.db ... "
        gcj-dbtool -a eclipse.db ${JAR_FILE} ${thislib_destfile}
        echo "[OK]"
        echo -n "${JAR_FILE} already compiled"
        if test "x${recreate_db}" = xyes; then
            echo -n ", but not in eclipse.db, adding ... "
            gcj-dbtool -a eclipse.db ${JAR_FILE} ${thislib_destfile}
            echo "[OK]"
            echo " and in eclipse.db, [OK]"

3. Execute the script

#chmod +x ./eclipse-gcj-lib.sh

4. Run native compiled Eclipse with following command –

./eclipse -consoleLog -debug -vm gij -vmargs -Dgnu.gcj.precompiled.db.path=eclipse.db


I do wonder … Why human always live for a “Better Tomorrow”? Most curious is that the definition of better tomorrow changes in every single moment. Its nothing but an illusion .. It’s a cycle. Everyone, who live for “Better Tomorrow”, are consciously changing his/her version of the definition of the “Better Tomorrow”. We the human are the intelligent most being in this universe. Why are we addicted to this illusion? I have seen the people in the streets who seldom have roof over their head, seldom get enough food to quench their hunger; live for a “Better Tomorrow”, when they will have enough to satisfy their minimum need. Again, I have seen people, who have every single items to make themselves happy and satisfied, live for that “Better Tomorrow”. For the years and months, I have searched for the reason for our quest for “Better Tomorrow”. I need to find the answer.

ARM toolchain for OMAP 5910

November 3, 2006

Last week, I have made an almost perfect ARM cross-compiler toolchain for OMAP 5910. It contains binutils-2.15, gcc-3.2.3, glibc-2.3.3, glibc-linuxthreads-2.3.3. I will post the corresponding Makefile and Patches as soon as I get time.

What I am doing with OMAP ? Shhhhh ….. making a MARS Rover 😉

According to CNET  Microsoft makes a Linux pact with Novell. According to the press release, M$ CEO Ballmer said, “This set of agreements will really help bridge the divide between open-source and proprietary source software”. Will this pact really make bridge between OSS and proprietary source software ? Time should tell.

M$ has been toying with Linux and OSS technologies at their Linux Lab and most important thing is, these days, M$ guys are not that blunt on OSS technologies.