In search of “Better Tomorrow”

November 18, 2006

I do wonder … Why human always live for a “Better Tomorrow”? Most curious is that the definition of better tomorrow changes in every single moment. Its nothing but an illusion .. It’s a cycle. Everyone, who live for “Better Tomorrow”, are consciously changing his/her version of the definition of the “Better Tomorrow”. We the human are the intelligent most being in this universe. Why are we addicted to this illusion? I have seen the people in the streets who seldom have roof over their head, seldom get enough food to quench their hunger; live for a “Better Tomorrow”, when they will have enough to satisfy their minimum need. Again, I have seen people, who have every single items to make themselves happy and satisfied, live for that “Better Tomorrow”. For the years and months, I have searched for the reason for our quest for “Better Tomorrow”. I need to find the answer.


One Response to “In search of “Better Tomorrow””

  1. michaeljess Says:

    maybe stop searching for an answer, and live with whatever is given…those are usually the answers. hope this helps, and good luck.

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