Is Google becoming Microsoft ?

May 29, 2009

Looks like, Google is becoming Micro$oft and trying to dump bloated (Android) code and framework to the consumers and community for testing. No doubt, the Android has introduced convergence and standardization for wild embedded Linux market but it has introduced layers of abstraction and instability!! I personally believe that core Linux kernel with minimal GNU userland with QT can provide much better results ( Oh! Though Android’s Dalvik VM is elegant in design, I dislike layers of abstraction and instability ….. there are at least 3 layers of abstraction to reach core Linux Wireless stack from Android’s elegant but bloated Java framework). Most surprising is, the corporate world is singing the tune of Android without knowing what it is. Where are the engineers, innovators and impartial open source geeks ?

I personally believe that QT is light years ahead of Android’s bloated abstraction and framework !! Google is becoming Micro$oft with their perpetual beta products.


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