Last month I moved to AirtelDTV from TataSky. After reading MouthShut reviews, I thought it’s not a good decision to move to AirtelDTV but my experience with Airtel is good. I purchased my package+STB online and selected the installation date & time. Within hours, I received SMS with customer/subscriber-id. Next day, I got call from local (Hyderabad) technician for installation and they delivered the STB, dish & cable and installed/activated the service. In my opinion, the quality of picture & sound ( I have 5.1 home theater with HD TV set) and “electronic program guide” are far superior compared to TataSky though the service becomes inaccessible when it rains (TataSky is better wrt this). The 1-800 number is only good for automatic messaging system. To catch hold of customer service, it better to send email / web-notification. For the installation related tech issues, the fastest was is to reach they local office ( for Hyderabad – 040 65990538) who should be able to resolve problem (I think, TataSky’s customer service is superb … specially for non internet savvy customers).

Overall, I am a happy (except when it rains) customer of AirtelDTV.