What am I doing?

April 25, 2010

Starting a startup and helping a few startups and grownups to start afresh. I have found that there are way too many people unhappy with me (in my work/public life) but I can’t help ( there are a lot who are happy with me also ). There are nothing emotional in my recent decisions …. all are professional decisions which has lead to inevitable circumstances [my biggest critiques …. are you listing?]. Moreover, I am happy and my family is supportive.

Sometimes I wonder why do I always get into startup and uphill struggle to make it a valuable organization where people love to work. It’s because I like it. The stable job with secure future does not excite (kick??) me since the beginning. Thats why I am again starting / helping startups. It’s the way of life 🙂

Taxi – DUDE … u are missing in the action … 4D’s 3D is rolling again in a common thread but in different directions.


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