Since I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Spica (aka GT-I5700 Android phone) I wanted to put Android 2.1 Eclair. Yesterday I managed to find sometime and flashed my phone with (so called) I5700’s India firmware (ie: I570EDDJC5).

Here is the howto ( I am not responsible if anyone’s phone becomes brick in this process ) –

  1. Install Samsung New PC Studio in Windows XP/Vista/7 computer so that all required drivers will be installed & available. (don’t forget to reboot after the installation)
  2. Connect Samsung Galaxy Spica phone to the Windows PC using USB cable which came in the box.
  3. Check whether all the drivers are properly recognized from Device Manager.
  4. Close Samsung New PC Studio and disconnect the phone.
  5. Switch off the phone and remove SIM & SD card (if any).
  6. Start the Odin-v4.03 (included in the firmware pack) multi-downloader in PC
  7. Hold Vol Down + Camera + Call Off buttons to get into Download screen and connect the phone to PC using USB cable.
  8. The phone should be detected in COM3 port (USB serial) of Odin.
  9. Check “One Package” option; add spica_jc3.ops (included in the firmware pack) and firmware package I570EDDJC5.tar (included in the firmware pack).
  10. Start flashing. Once the flashing is completed the phone will automatically reboot. (for me the flashing, auto rebooting took approximately 6mins …. if it fails, reboot the phone/PC and try again)
  11. Once you get your Eclair screen, disconnect the USB cable.

Few interesting links –


Reading Akio Morita’s Made in Japan.

Now I can connect to various missing links about typical Japanese behaviors which I had experienced while working in Tokyo. Surprisingly, I implemented a healthy blend of Indian/Japanese work culture which Morita had suggested and implemented in Sony ( I swear, I didn’t realized this till I started to read this book ) .

Happy birthday to myself 🙂

Spent quiet birthday at home with daughter, wife and parents. Happy family time.

1) Go to about:config
2) Charge value of keyword.URL to
3) Change value of keyword.enable to true

Today I had meet some people who said that “Bengal was once the most developed state and now it is ruined and it will take 100 years to become similar to ****” (I liked as well disliked the candid? talk). No doubt, WestBengal’s economy is not booming like other states and ruling/oppositions all are fighting in stupid agenda and screwing the state (uh!! can’t get better words).

Does anyone know –

  • West Bengal is one the state where the land reform is really successful.
  • No one dies in West Bengal due to hunger.
  • In West Bengal farmers does not resort to suicide after a crop failure.
  • Political parties does not need to announce Rs 2 rice and free-electricity sops for winning election in West Bengal.
  • West Bengal has one of the most intellectually and culturally refined middle class population who votes against the establishments despite well oiled rigging machine.

Are WB ministers / intellectuals listening? The stupid fight between ruling and opposition MUST stop and all should work towards betterment of the state.

Am I supporting regionalism ? Hell no!!

Why are not we feel proud to be an INDIAN? India is shinning … we are already a great nation and we will be soon second largest economy of the world. Let’s be an INDIAN first.