Wanted to say .. but could not say!

May 1, 2010

Today I had meet some people who said that “Bengal was once the most developed state and now it is ruined and it will take 100 years to become similar to ****” (I liked as well disliked the candid? talk). No doubt, WestBengal’s economy is not booming like other states and ruling/oppositions all are fighting in stupid agenda and screwing the state (uh!! can’t get better words).

Does anyone know –

  • West Bengal is one the state where the land reform is really successful.
  • No one dies in West Bengal due to hunger.
  • In West Bengal farmers does not resort to suicide after a crop failure.
  • Political parties does not need to announce Rs 2 rice and free-electricity sops for winning election in West Bengal.
  • West Bengal has one of the most intellectually and culturally refined middle class population who votes against the establishments despite well oiled rigging machine.

Are WB ministers / intellectuals listening? The stupid fight between ruling and opposition MUST stop and all should work towards betterment of the state.

Am I supporting regionalism ? Hell no!!

Why are not we feel proud to be an INDIAN? India is shinning … we are already a great nation and we will be soon second largest economy of the world. Let’s be an INDIAN first.


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