Flashed Android Eclair to Samsung I5700 … working :)

May 26, 2010

Since I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Spica (aka GT-I5700 Android phone) I wanted to put Android 2.1 Eclair. Yesterday I managed to find sometime and flashed my phone with (so called) I5700’s India firmware (ie: I570EDDJC5).

Here is the howto ( I am not responsible if anyone’s phone becomes brick in this process ) –

  1. Install Samsung New PC Studio in Windows XP/Vista/7 computer so that all required drivers will be installed & available. (don’t forget to reboot after the installation)
  2. Connect Samsung Galaxy Spica phone to the Windows PC using USB cable which came in the box.
  3. Check whether all the drivers are properly recognized from Device Manager.
  4. Close Samsung New PC Studio and disconnect the phone.
  5. Switch off the phone and remove SIM & SD card (if any).
  6. Start the Odin-v4.03 (included in the firmware pack) multi-downloader in PC
  7. Hold Vol Down + Camera + Call Off buttons to get into Download screen and connect the phone to PC using USB cable.
  8. The phone should be detected in COM3 port (USB serial) of Odin.
  9. Check “One Package” option; add spica_jc3.ops (included in the firmware pack) and firmware package I570EDDJC5.tar (included in the firmware pack).
  10. Start flashing. Once the flashing is completed the phone will automatically reboot. (for me the flashing, auto rebooting took approximately 6mins …. if it fails, reboot the phone/PC and try again)
  11. Once you get your Eclair screen, disconnect the USB cable.

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3 Responses to “Flashed Android Eclair to Samsung I5700 … working :)”

  1. Manjeet Dahiya Says:

    How is eclair doing on Spica? Any bugs or glitches with this particular firmware?

    And what are the default applications bundled with this firmware?

  2. Can I get the firmware file as Rapidshare has shut down

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