A temporary feeling of being unsettled. I am thinking way too abstract. Working towards sustainable growth and building Brick By Brick. There are feelings that I should move out of my comfort zone and i make my own destiny. I am meticulous, I am creative, I am born lucky. I will succeed.


Looking back towards the harrowing days – Anniversary of friction with an ultra-stupid, presumptuous individuals and perplexed audience. Found a team of super committed individuals drawn towards long fight and definitive win. Looking back with amazement and thinking how the time passed.

  • Did the ultra-stupid changed? – Off course no! Happy with a whip. (S)
  • Did the escapist moved out of comfort zone? – Off course no! More rusted. Happy with gyan-session. (K)
  • Did the traitor survived? – FO. A greedy never survives. (P)
  • Did the negotiator/spokesperson realized? – No clue. Rusted, no takers … god bless. (S)
  • And finally the renegade? – Don’t care. Born to be apostate. (S)
  • Finally, what about imbecile hypocrite? – Scorched. (S)

Enough crypto here? There are lots of people who has the LUKS key. WOW!!