Today, my six years old lovely daughter asked me a real difficult question. Here it goes :

We were having family lunch at home, with parents, Soma and Aditri. Today we cooked dal paturi and my mother was remembering that she learned cooking paturi from her mother (I believe, my didima, maternal-grandma used to cook world’s best paturi and bora). Aditri, the ever curious, immediately asked her grandma, “Tham (she calls my mother, Tham), where is your mother”. So my mother said, “my mother is no more, she is with god now”. And … Aditri asked next question, “Why is she with god now? Will my mother also go to god someday?”. My mother replied, “No … why will she go? She will always be with you”. Aditri asked again – “How about when I grow old?”.

We didn’t had any answer.

I know, she is growing old and getting matured and intelligent, day by day.

Love you Aditri, your mamma, baba will always be there with you.

“freedom to invent” & “leap of faith” – are the mantras. Pray for me …

Actual text : time-to-move-on-again – Time to move on? 1995, 1999, 2001, 2005, 2010, 2011. Towards a bigger dream. “freedom to invent” & “leap of faith” – are the mantras of today’s decision. Pray for me … I will succeed.

A temporary feeling of being unsettled. I am thinking way too abstract. Working towards sustainable growth and building Brick By Brick. There are feelings that I should move out of my comfort zone and i make my own destiny. I am meticulous, I am creative, I am born lucky. I will succeed.

Token of Love

January 22, 2011


Happy for Aditri :)

July 13, 2010

Sometime back got calls from Soma/Parents that Aditri has got “Outstanding Performance” award at school. So happy for her. Now I can feel how my parents felt happy when I did something good.