Aditri is growing fast. She told Soma today “আমাকে একটু বোঝার চেষ্টা কর মাম্মা”.


Celebrating 20 years of freedom : Linux kernel 3.x announced. 🙂;a=commit;h=55922c9d1b84b89cb946c777fddccb3247e7df2c
I think, I started with Slackware .99pl11 Alpha 1994 ( )

Looking back towards the harrowing days – Anniversary of friction with an ultra-stupid, presumptuous individuals and perplexed audience. Found a team of super committed individuals drawn towards long fight and definitive win. Looking back with amazement and thinking how the time passed.

  • Did the ultra-stupid changed? – Off course no! Happy with a whip. (S)
  • Did the escapist moved out of comfort zone? – Off course no! More rusted. Happy with gyan-session. (K)
  • Did the traitor survived? – FO. A greedy never survives. (P)
  • Did the negotiator/spokesperson realized? – No clue. Rusted, no takers … god bless. (S)
  • And finally the renegade? – Don’t care. Born to be apostate. (S)
  • Finally, what about imbecile hypocrite? – Scorched. (S)

Enough crypto here? There are lots of people who has the LUKS key. WOW!!

For some reason, my Kubuntu netbooks’ network got disable and I could not enable network-manager in conventional way. So here is the solution – manually edit /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state, and change all falses with trues and reboot. Viola 🙂

My daughter’s Leapster2 stopped responding. Here is how I re-calibrated the tocuh-screen.

1.) Ensure that a cartridge is NOT inserted.
2.) Hold down the Hint (’?’) button while turning the unit on.
3.) When the LEAPSTER menu screen appears, press the ‘A’ button.
4.) Touch each of the crosshairs that appear with the stylus.
5.) Restart the unit.

Japanese 5S principle

June 25, 2010

Seiri (arrangement), Seiso (cleanliness), Seiton (selection), Seikeitsu (standardisation) and Shitsuke (discipline)

Reading Akio Morita’s Made in Japan.

Now I can connect to various missing links about typical Japanese behaviors which I had experienced while working in Tokyo. Surprisingly, I implemented a healthy blend of Indian/Japanese work culture which Morita had suggested and implemented in Sony ( I swear, I didn’t realized this till I started to read this book ) .